Dona Saffron website to provide its users with a safe, secure and high quality service with an emphasis on respecting the privacy of their users; to purchase; to post comments and to use the features provided on the website to obtain information from users Cherishes. Requests for information are processed solely for the purpose of processing; the order is sent. Our team will receive information such as "contact number and email" from our customers.

Since all of our website activities are legally binding with e-commerce, it is absolutely imperative to enter personal information in order to issue invoices and to conduct electronic communications and contacts to track the sending of the products. So entering information such as address, email and contact number is confirmed by the customer. And if the correct and complete information has not been entered, Dona Saffron can request additional and additional information to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the ordering.

Dear customers can also enter the name, address and other person's phone number for the delivery of the product, and our team will use the registered information to register and send the order. Dona Saffron may also use some of the information available to better communicate with customers; optimize site content and marketing research. Also, contacting members of the website to get information on events, news, services and special services or promos. In case of unwillingness of the great users, they can send a request for cancellation to receive an email or a call. It should be noted that non-action for cancellation constitutes implied consent to receive a message or email from our team and disqualify the right to object. Dona Saffron may also edit or delete comments submitted by users in accordance with the rules of the website.Also, if the comment or message sent by the user is subject to criminal evidence, Dona saffron can delete the information recorded. Users use the website services to grant them the right to edit information and use them in the context of the aforementioned donation of saffron and to deny the right to protest.
It should be emphasized that the maintenance of the password and username is the responsibility of the users and, therefore, in order to prevent any possible misuse, users should not disclose that information to someone else. If the user assigns his mobile number to another person, in order to prevent misuse or possible problems, users must change their mobile number in the profile and register a new number.
The user is liable for any damages caused by the failure to comply with the foregoing by the user, and the user shall withhold any claim against Donna Saffron. Dona saffron knows the personal identity of the users confidentially and does not transfer their personal information to any other person or organization.
It also informs users that dona saffron, like other websites, uses cookies and IP, but the protocol, server and security layers of saffron donna and the appropriate data management methods make maximum efforts to protect user data and to access illegal content. Prevent. Naturally, the responsibility for any abuse is related to the person or the offenders, and Dona Saffron reserves the right to protest and follow through the law at his own discretion.
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Dona is committed to protecting and protecting information and privacy, and hopes to provide a safe, convenient, and secure experience for all users.
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