Terms & Conditions


The delivery time of the product in Turkey and the Middle East is considered to be a maximum of two to five business days. How to send to other countries in the world, including the continent of Europe and the United States, between 2 and 4 weeks from the time of the ordering of the distance to the distance. Dear customers, if you wish, you can order the product as a post office and express the customer by paying the customer and order the product in the shortest possible time.

return policy

Our greatest honor is to offer the best and most quality Iranian saffron to our valued customers. Your satisfaction and customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal. Therefore, please, in line with our work goals and providing better and better quality service in case of dissatisfaction with the submitted products or request to cancel the purchase for any reason, up to 30 days after the purchase of the product, to cancel and re-send the purchased product. Thank you Our team is required to pay a maximum of 10 working days to repay the total amount of the purchased product and transfer the total amount of the purchase to the account of the buyer's credit card account. It should be noted that the shipping costs of the product are non-refundable and refundable to customers. It is also necessary to explain that our customers will be contacted immediately if they find defects in the delivery of the goods during transportation and delivery.