Price of Saffron - How much is Saffron worth?

Price of Saffron - How much is Saffron worth?

Price of Saffron, the Worlds most Expensive Spice.

Following a healthy diet and living a healthy life has become paramount for many people. They are trying to get all the nutrients their bodies need through their meals and most of them know that one way to do this is to include spices. One of the most popular spices in the world today is saffron. At the same time, saffron is one of the most expensive spices in the market. This is the reason why many people are wondering what makes saffron so expensive?

Why is saffron relatively expensive?

The main reason why saffron sometimes comes at twice the price of other spices is the fact that the process of production of this spice can’t be automated. Namely, saffron is extracted from the threads/stigmas found in the flowers of saffron crocus or crocus sativus plant. These stigmas represent the small elements located in the center of the flower’s blossom. They are attached to the thin small stalks in the flower.

It’s good to know that every crocus sativus plant comes with just three stigmas. Keep in mind that the size of one stigma is similar to the size of a grain of rice. To put it in simple words, in order to make one pound of high-quality saffron, you have to use 100,000 stigmas. On top of that, these stigmas must be handpicked. We should also point out that the stigmas are not available throughout the year, but only during a short period of time, once a year.

Besides the long production process, there are few other factors that contribute to the high price of saffron. For example, saffron was even more expensive a few years ago when Iran was under sanctions from the western countries. This is quite logical because Iran produces over 90% of the saffron in the world. Now that the sanctions are removed, the price is relatively lower, but the cost of transportation definitely still plays a role.

Finally, we would also like to point out that the interest in saffron is growing. The number of studies that are focused on this spice is going up and most of these studies have shown that saffron can help people with different aspects of their health. So, as the interest in saffron is growing the prices are growing too. When we take a closer look at the health benefits of saffron and when we take the flavor and aroma of this spice into account, we should be able to understand the price of saffron today.

Understanding the price of saffron

Those who are planning on buying saffron should know that the price of saffron varies. As we said before, Iran is not the only producer of saffron. Additionally, saffron is distributed more than once to different sellers. The saffron extract you are looking at is usually not sold by the growers or even through a second-hand buyer. For instance, Spain, as one of the countries that produce and uses saffron extensively, have laws and regulations that require just 10% of the saffron to be Spanish in order to label it as Spanish saffron. The companies from Spain are buying saffron from Iran, rebranding it as Spanish and selling it at a much higher price. In other words, you must be very careful when buying saffron because you might end up paying more for low-quality saffron.

How to get the best price for saffron

If you are looking for a way to get the best price for high-quality saffron, then you should buy this spice from a reputable, trusted vendor. Unfortunately, the popularity of this spice has made many people think about frauds and scams. Namely, there is a high number of companies that are selling fake saffron or saffron with unacceptably low-quality saffron. These companies are focused on selling low-end saffron with higher profit margins. You can easily recognize it due to the color – they use yellow and orange threads in the process of production. What’s even worse is that some of them are using an adulterated product with natural or even artificial coloring.

Due to the fact that saffron is the most expensive spice in the market (it is more expensive than gold), it is very important that you purchase a good product. By doing this, you can expect to get a good return on investment. Thanks to Zaran Saffron, you will get a premium-quality trim, without orange or yellow threads, which don’t provide any culinary benefits, and without crumbs.

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