Using Saffron for Weight Loss

Using Saffron for Weight Loss

Most of you know that certain spices can help us improve our health, but did you know that some spices like saffron can help people lose weight.Saffron is a popular spice based on the flower of the saffron crocus (Crocus sativus). It was used for different medicinal purposes for hundreds of years. In the last few years, there are many people who use saffron as a natural weight loss supplement. This is definitely a good option because weight loss supplements based on synthetic and processed ingredients can result in a wide range of side effects. Saffron users can’t expect side effects because this spice is completely natural.

How does Saffron help people Lose Weight?

As previously mentioned, there are many different spices out there that support people’s efforts to get rid of those extra pounds. It is interesting that they work in different ways. What makes saffron special is that this spice helps the weight loss process in more than one way.To start with, saffron can help you suppress appetite. So, by taking saffron on a regular basis you can boost satiety which means that you will feel full for a long period of time. A few other foods and spices can do this, but they usually provide these effects by increasing the level of some hormones and lowering the levels of others. Saffron affects only the level of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that has a direct impact on the feeling of fullness. This is how saffron naturally restrains appetite. A study conducted seven years ago has confirmed these findings. When people are using saffron regularly, they will limit the emergence of cravings for snacks. They will also cut don sugar cravings. So, saffron can be used to prevent overeating and emotional eating. In fact, there was a study revealed in the Nutrition Research journal a few years ago that concluded that supplements based on saffron can help people manage emotional eating. This study included 60 healthy women that were a little bit overweight. 30 of them were taking a placebo and the rest of them have taken saffron extract. After a few weeks, the group which used saffron extract has witnessed a radical reduction in body weight.While we are talking about saffron as a weight loss spice, it is worth mentioning that you can use it to cut calorie intake. This is more than logical because if you don’t feel hungry, you will reduce calorie intake. Those of you who have experience in this field know that calorie deficit is one of the most important things when it comes to losing weight. 
Besides its ability to manage fat accumulation by acting as an appetite suppressant, saffron can also optimize the metabolic function. Namely, saffron will speed up the process of thermogenesis. This means that it will burn fat faster and keep the user safe from the formation of new fat deposits.Another thing that is worth mentioning about saffron is that this spice comes with zero calories. But, in order to make sure that you are not taking any calories when you are taking saffron, stick to the pure version of this incredible spice.

Some other benefits of using saffron

While you are taking saffron for weight loss, you can expect to experience some other health benefits like:

  • Optimized work of the respiratory system
  • Soothing kidney, stomach and body pain
  • Treating fever and cold
  • Skin smoothening and more…
How to safely use saffron for weight loss

It is good to know that people who consume saffron have not complained about side effects. This is a perfectly safe spice for weight loss. Yet, if you want to be sure that you will stay on the safe side, it is a good idea to learn how to use saffron for weight loss in the right way.Just like in the case of other spices and weight loss foods, it is all about taking the right dosage. Once again, we must stress out that you should look for pure saffron, one that doesn’t contain any fillers, binders, artificial colors or preservatives.So, the daily recommended dose of saffron for weight loss is 400 mg (taken two times a day, 200 mg each time). If you want to maximize the effects, you will need to take saffron around half an hour before your meal.Start using saffron today and enjoy the benefits of weight loss.

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