Why buy Dona saffron?

Why buy Dona saffron?

One of the most important differences and the main advantage of Iranian saffron with saffron in other countries, organic planting and its defined growth and harvesting process in Iran is that it carries a shadow of several thousand years of experience.

Where is the dona saffron coming from?

The first farmers of this amazing plant were on the Iranian plateau. In planting saffron, Iran does not use any chemical and biological fertilizers that, if they appear to help plant growth, and in other aspects do not use soil or even plants themselves. The same non-use of pesticides and harmful chemicals has increased Iran's saffron to the highest level of health and quality, which Dr. Bagheri, one of the figures of the International Symposium on Saffron Symposium in Iran (2006), pointed to this point. It is important that saffron needs a small amount of water, so the southern borders of Khorasan, including the city of Cain - due to the conditions Qlymy _ is very important. Although sometimes they have planted this plant in other regions of Iran, not only the final product has not been justified in quantity, but it has not even been of adequate quality.
Picking saffron donna begins 10 to 15 days after the first irrigation and begins with the opening of the first flower. In this regard, it is also important that the flower of the saffron should be arranged before the sun rises and radiation is increased. Do not refuse this point and Any delay in flower picking reduces the quality of flowers.
Perhaps one of the most important reasons for saffron quality in Iranian dona (especially Saffron Caen) is Saffron in a timely manner to saffron in the world.

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